Introducing the Spoiler Zone!

In the Spoiler Zone, you can find character and plot summaries for some of the dramas I’ve watched (I’m working on adding more pages!) I started this section of my blog because I am someone who frequently forgets what happens in the dramas I watch, or find that some dramas aren’t worth watching and I’m interested only in the plot. This resource is something I wish I had, so I’m providing it for all of you!

You can find the link in the menu at the top of my blog, or click here. I will also be linking to these summaries from the Recap Index and some other locations. Enjoy!

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Drama Review: Bring It On, Ghost!

While at home for Thanksgiving break, I decided to jump back into Korean-drama-land for a bit and binge watched Bring It On, Ghost! This horror-comedy-youth romance was cute, light-hearted, and had enough laughs to make up for the creepy moments. It was a bit weak in terms of plot (so many holes and inconsistencies!) but overall a… Continue reading Drama Review: Bring It On, Ghost!

Chinese Dramas · Quick Recaps

Recap: Stand By Me 2 (Ep. 7)

Recap Zhong Bai thinks about how she should be really happy right now because she’s finally dating the person she’s liked for 13 years, but things aren’t that simple. A flashback reveals that Zhong Bai actually went back into the restaurant and eavesdropped on Ren Yi Fan and Lu Qiao Chuan that day over the summer… Continue reading Recap: Stand By Me 2 (Ep. 7)

Chinese Dramas · Quick Recaps

Recap: Stand By Me 2 (Ep. 4)

Today’s recap is more brief than my other ones — trying out a return to my Shuttle Love Millennium recap style of just some quick, plot-worthy hits! We continue on with our summertime flashback and see our three wishful romances (Zhong Bai & Lu Qiao Chuan, Li Shu Ci & Xiao Hai Yang, Lin Luo Xue… Continue reading Recap: Stand By Me 2 (Ep. 4)